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Original Soundtrack available on CD !!

*This is the original soundtrack for the motion picture made from the masters!!

1. SacraficePLAY

2. Wizards Council

3. Talking To The Devil
4. Burned Alive
5. Book Of Magic

6. Stuntrocker

7. Mark Of The Beast
8. Bird Song
9. Wicked City
10. Woman City
11. Power Mad

SORCERY'S "StuntRock" (SORCERYMUSIC INT'L). Originally conceived to accompany the motion picture of the same name, the soundtrack far out lived the cheese-ola flick. This 70's-era metal (recorded in 1978, so it's the real deal ! ) like a more metal-minded Blue Oyster Cult (compare to B.O.C's "Wings Wetted Down" to Sorcery's "Wizard Council"; the bands are surely proto-metal peers).


Very esoteric in spots, as their name suggests, (and not to be confused with the Illonios-based Sorcery, who chugged out some pretty dunderheaded early metal at the exact same time). Anthem after anthem, classic song after classic song, this kicks more ass than the combined Ted Nuggent catalog, and isn't near as insulting to the intelligence!

This is surely one of the main albums the NEW WAVE of BRITISH HEAVY METAL legends must've been copping riffs from.

SEARCH IT!!!! Seek and Enjoy!!!....---Jeff Wagner (METAL MANIACS MAGAZINE AUGUST 2000*)

NOTE: NEW Sorcery website coming in June with Mp3 and Video/dvd samples!!!